Tamanna Hossain-Kay

Hi, I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science department at UC, Irvine advised by Sameer Singh. My research is generously funded by HPI.

I work on developing trustworthy NLP systems aligned with human values. My recent research has been focused on fairness, particularly in characterizing and measuring biases in a way that is grounded in real-world harms and is inclusive of diverse, fluid, and intersectional identities. Using these insights, I am working on self-correcting methodologies for language models to identify ethical issues and revise their own output.

Papers •

MISGENDERED: Limits of Large Language Models in Understanding Pronouns
ACL 2023.
Tamanna Hossain, Sunipa Dev, Sameer Singh.


Evaluating the generalisability of neural rumour verification models
Information Processing & Management 2023.
Elena Kochkina, Tamanna Hossain, Robert L. Logan IV, Miguel Arana-Catania, Rob Procter, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Sameer Singh, Yulan He, Maria Liakata.


COVIDLies: Detecting COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media
EMNLP NLP Covid19 Workshop 2020. Best Paper Award
Tamanna Hossain, Robert L. Logan IV, Arjuna Ugarte, Yoshitomo Matsubara, Sean Young, Sameer Singh.


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