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Viz : Drawing [e]

Tamanna Hossain-Kay / 2018-05-16

One night I came across a really pretty parametric equation from Frank Farris’ book Creating Synnetry on Sine of the Times and wanted to combine its beauty with that of e. It has three dynamic coefficients , each ranging from 0-20, and every combination creating a new and intricate pattern !

Being a huge fan of  Ken Flerlage’s Beauty of Pi viz, I also played with working backwards on some of his pieces to recreate them using  instead of π. It was an especially interesting geometry refresher to plot points equidistant on an Archimedean Spiral. Finally, threw in an additional radial rays chart just cause I’ve been itching for an excuse to try one out! All of my R code for computing relevant cartesian coordinates and data structuring for Tableau plotting is on Github.

The aesthetic pull of mathematics is persistent, and , for me , also embroiled in nostalgia - pretty abstractions tying new moments with a childhood spent lounging between walls of books with my parents.  This piece is for kindred spirits who relate!