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Viz : The Rohingya Exodus

Tamanna Hossain-Kay / 2018-05-18

My mom’s birthday last year, August 25th, sadly marked a new wave of violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar . Since then over 640,000 refugees have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. I was visiting my family in  Bangladesh at the time of the influx and the tragedy of the situation coupled with my own inability to help has weighed on me since.

The legal condition of the Rohingya has been compared to apartheid by many, including Amnesty International and Nobel Laureate, Desmund Tutu. The United Nations has described them as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world and a UN backed court in Italy fund Myanmar guilty of genocide in September 2017.

I’ve visualized parts of a Rohingya refugee survey conducted by Xchange (an organization for migration research), in the hopes of understanding and raising awareness about the Rohingya plight.

If you’re able , consider donating to UNHCR , the UN Refugee Agency via a link at the end of the report.