Tamanna Hossain-Kay

Viz : The Words of Larry Nassar Survivors

Tamanna Hossain-Kay / 2018-02-11

More than two hundred women and girls submitted or read impact statements in court regarding sexual abuse they faced at the hand of former USA gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor, Larry Nassar. Their testimonies contributed to his prison sentence on ten counts of sexual assault.These are their words.

Testimonies were scraped from the Glamour article ‘My Voice Matters’ : The Survivors of Larry Nassar, In Their Own Words . The AFINN lexicon was used for sentiment valences of words.

An online generator was used to create the wordcloud because, unfortunately, the R package wordcloud2 for creating wordclouds in custom shapes currently has a known bug. . R was used for scraping testimonies and shaping the data in an appropriate format . All of my code is on GitHub.