Tamanna Hossain-Kay

Viz : #MeToo Twitter

Tamanna Hossain-Kay / 2017-11-19

#MeToo is a social media campaign to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence. Originally coined by the founder of Just Be Inc., Tarana Burke, the slogan went viral in October, 2017 after being tweeted by actress Alyssa Milano. As someone who’s both heard and said “me too” many times , I was curious about the global conversation that followed.

The following visualization uses a sample of 7000 tweets from October 17, 2017. Each tweet is split into its constituent words and hashtags. Emotional valence association of words is found using the AFINN lexicon.

The visualization below gives you an interactive platform to explore the data. The default view shows other associated hashtags, the most frequently used emotive words (i.e. words with a sentiment score), and the most liked tweets.

You can dig deeper by clicking on words to see which hashtags they co-occur with and the top tweets they are used in. Similarly, clicking on hashtags will filter the wordcloud and tweets to what is relevant to the selected hashtag(s). The legend for sentiment scores is given using twitter birds , which you can hover over to highlight words with the specified score. Finally, clicking on an individual tweet will take you the original post on twitter.

Tweet scraping and data manipulation were done using R. Tableau was used for interactive visualization.

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